Mei Daimyouzamurai
Kanji 大名侍 鳴
Also Known as Number 7
Class and Year 1-F
School Hatagaya
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Episode 5
Manga Volume 3 Chapter 11
Voice Actors
Japanese Sakura Tange

Mei Daimyouzamurai is a mysterious girl comes from an alternate world and knows about Souta's powers and his connection to her world. Her title is number 7 of the House of Shigitoku.


She keeps avoiding Souta and seems a bit distant, but she is actually really nice as seen where she helped Kurumiko stay in the dorms and didn't wanted to her to leave. She actually develops feelings for Souta but displays a tsundre complex.

Character OverviewEdit

She first suddenly appeared in the forest and started talking about Flags and after a few days later she transferred to Souta's class. She told him that she only obtained an imitated ability for a limited period of time. She is a member of the Council Seven, who are tasked with maintaining the order of the world. She is also tasked with watching over Souta so he doesn’t throw the world out of balance with his powers.

She brought Souta to an alternative world. When they got back the death flag begins to take over Souta’s body, and he starts coughing up blood. This causes Mei to try to break the death flag with her own hands. She’s unable to break it, but at least manages to stop it temporarily. However, Sakura soon appears and erases Mei’s flag powers and memories relating to flags, saying that the truth of the world is something Souta must find out on his own.