Kurumiko Daishikyougawa
Kanji 大司教河 くるみ子
School A Junior High School (former)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Episode 6
Manga Volume 3 Chapter 12
Voice Actors
Japanese Misaki Kuno

Kurumiko is a middle school girl who is introduced as a popsicle vendor at the beach. Even though she was orphaned when her parents, who were part of the crew of the Premium Anberial died in the accident, she feels guilty that Souta had to endure so much as the lone survivor. When she and Souta are later trapped in a cave, Kurumiko loses hope but Souta saves her by inviting her to live at Quest Dorm as his younger sister. She becomes the clergy character in Souta's party and her flag is usually one of story advancement.


Although she is occasionally childish, Kurumiko works really hard to provide for herself because her parents taught her not to rely on anyone. Before she moves into Quest Dorm, she keeps Souta company because they were both orphaned and because he bought popsicles from her.

Character OverviewEdit

Kurumiko first met Souta at the beach where she was selling water and popsicles and she gave him a bottle of water. A story flag appeared above her head and Souta realized that she was a cleric character. After Akane bought out her entire inventory of popsicles she showed Souta the cave she went to whenever she was feeling sad. After they were rescued from the cave she and Souta began to think of each other as brother and sister.