Episode 9
Episode 9
Japanese Title またいつか、こうしてみんな一緒にお祭りに行けるといいな
Romanized Title Mata itsuka, kōshite min'na issho ni omatsuri ni ikeruto ī na
English Title I hope we could all go to the festival together again one day
Airdate June 1, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Cupidu Review by Aoi Yuuki
Ending Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Riyuu by YELL
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Kanojo 0903
Following Hakua’s attempted assassination; Souta, Nanami, and Hakua finally arrive at the Bladefield castle. En route, Souta learns that the Council of Seven Virtues is part of the Bladefield government (That’s the group Mei belonged to). At the castle, Souta is reunited with the rest of the gang, after which they meet with Elia, the Crown Prince.

That night, Elia reveals that the King has died. He also reveals another shocker—that Nanami and Hakua are actually not the king’s children… but rather his own. In the following days, there is a funeral held for the king, and also a coronation for the new king. Hakua and Nanami are obviously saddened over this, so Souta attempts to comfort them.

Kanojo 0907
Eventually, it’s about time for everyone to return to Japan for school. The night before their return trip, Souta is greeted by Zero, the leader of the Council Seven. She tells him a tale of a boy who sacrificed his life to save two princesses, and became a flag. Souta realizes right away that the tale is suspiciously similar to the events of his own life, and is thrown into a deep despair. Zero leaves him to muse about what she’s told him.

In the episode’s stinger, we learn that Souta’s sister is still alive after all…